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College of Teaching to be set up.


Fellows of College featured in NIE News


Date:  14 November 2013

Four of NIE’s academics are elected fellows of The College of Teachers for their contributions to education in their respective fields of specialisation. Associate Professor Jude Chua Soo Meng from the Policy and Leadership Studies (PLS) Academic Group was awarded a Fellowship qualification for substantially innovative published works in education in 2006 and was elected fellow in 2010. Assistant Professor Noel Chia Kok Hwee from the Early Childhood and Special Needs Academic Group (ECSE) was an elected fellow of The College of Preceptors in 1994 and later gained his Fellowship qualification for his publications in literacy education in 1998. He was awarded a second Fellowship – this time under The College of Teachers – for his published works in dyslexia in 2003. Two other NIE lecturers who are also elected fellows of The College of Teachers are Dr Jason Loh Kok Khiang from the English Language and Literature (ELL) Academic Group and Lecturer, Mr Norman Kee Kiak Nam from ECSE for their substantial contributions in language education and special education respectively.

The College of Teachers, formerly known as The College of Preceptors, UK, is currently located in the University of London, Institute of Education, which it had co-established in 1902. Originally founded as the Society of Teachers in 1846 and incorporated by Royal Charter as The College of Preceptors in 1849, the college changed its name to The College of Teachers under the Supplemental Royal Charter in 1998. The College of Teachers is an examining body and learned society of teachers, professors and associated professionals who work in education in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Elected Fellows of the College of Teachers from NIEFrom L-R: Asst Prof Noel KH Chia (ECSE), Mr Norman KN Kee (ECSE), Assoc Prof Jude SM Chua (PLS) and Dr Jason KK Loh (ELL)

Ruth Wong

DO you know that Ruth Wong was a Fellow of the College of Preceptors, what the College of Teachers was known as back then?

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